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Pondicherry – An Eclectic Mélange

Explore the different shades of Pondicherry by experiencing a fusion of French and
Indian cultures. While you can cherish the authentic Indian feel in some parts of the city,
you can also indulge in the feel of a quaint old French lifestyle in some other parts.


Discover a Part of France in India

This beautiful city still retains its essence of a French colony in every corner of its street. You can experience the French culture, taste the French cuisines and visit the French monuments on your visit to Pondicherry.

Ideally Located to Explore Pondy

The Bull is positioned in such a location that it is easier to visit some of the major to-see places in Pondicherry. Start your vacation by feasting on authentic croissants for breakfast and visit the yellow-colored churches and the antique sculptures of Hindu Gods to get a complete feel of Pondicherry.


Unwind @the bull

After exploring the colorful streets of Pondicherry, you can come back to The Bull to relax and unwind and still continue to experience the feel of Pondicherry at The Bull which has retained Pondy’s heritage and culture in its ambience and cuisines.

Travel desk at the bull

If you are confused about the places to visit in Pondicherry, our friendly staffs at the Travel Desk can guide you in picking the places of your choice and in planning your itinerary. We help you out in every step of the way in making your visit a memorable one.